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Cosas que hacer en Nashville

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This is an awesome burger, fry, and shake place. Not to mention it has the term "beer garden" in the name, which should be more than enough reason to eat here. DO NOT COME AT PEAK HOURS. It's packed

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This place has EVERYTHING: - Coffee (provided by Crema) - Food - Bowling (what?!?) - A pool (you can actually swim in it). - Cocktail bar - wifi (duh) They're open from 7am to late as hell.

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It is what it is. I don't listen to country music, but that doesn't mean you can't enjoy this classic Nashville spot. Tell them "Hank sent you". (Actually don't...they'll just stare blankly at you).

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Home of the Tennessee Titans and CMA Fest. This stadium is just a hop skip and a jump away from here. They actually sell spots in my parking lot during big events, so enjoy your free parking spots:)

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A must-see spot for tourists. Tons of history packed into this single venue.

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This is THE BEST coffee in Nashville. I'm fairly certain that I'm here more than my own house. This is a must for caffeine addicts.

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This is actually a 1:1 replica of the Nashville. It's weirdly awesome.

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This is the "hood rich" equivalent of southern food. It's as if you took everything from the DEEEEEEEP dirty south, and made it fancy and delicious as hell. It can get pricy, but worth it.

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This place is a white trash paradise in the best way. Christmas decorations year round, bad karaoke, cheap beer, and the occasional famous singer or actor. Surprisingly popular spot for the locals.

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The man, the myth, the legend. This has everything you'd ever want to know about Johnny Cash.

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This is by far my favorite BBQ joint in all of Nashville. Order the BBQ nachos (they are much more impressive than they sound). Fun fact: The owner of this fine establishment has a peg leg!

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A beautiful park worth checking out on a slow lazy afternoon. Bonus: There is a giant marble globe floating on a fountain. You can change its spin direction with enough strength....

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This is my second coffee home. The only two reasons to come here over Crema is: 1. You need a change of scenery from Crema. 2. Crema is closed. Barista Parlor has better hours than Crema.

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Unleash your inner child. You know you want to...

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Just go walk across this thing. It's a beautiful bridge, with one of the best views of the Nashville skyline that you'll see anywhere.

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Want to feel overly sophisticated for one night? Come to the Schermerhorn Symphony Center for some classical goodness. Also, check out their movie nights. Good movie + Live orchestra soundtrack.

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If you've ever even glanced on Tripadvisor for Nashville, you've seen this as the number 1 attraction (which really says something, since this is not music related). I can vouch that this is worth it

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Even if you aren't going to an event here, just walk by this thing. It's a marvel of modern architecture and design. Also, there is a football field sized garden on the roof...if you can get up there

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Have you seen those little golf carts taking people all over town? The company is called Joyride, and it's located within a 1-minute​ walk of this Airbnb unit.

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This your gateway into downtown Nashville life. Bars, food, and clubs surround this area.