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Coffee, restaurant, bar, bowling alley, outdoor pool, social club. Super-trendy. Popular coffee spot Crema has an outpost here.

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By far the most popular spot I refer to guests. Multi-level restaurant (including the revered Sam's Sushi in its new location) and music venue. Great rooftop bar overlooking the river.

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Our full-size Parthenon replica stands here, with its statue of Athena inside (one of the largest indoor sculptures in the US). You may catch one of Nashville's many excellent food trucks here.

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World-class exhibits in a stunning Art Deco building. Even without viewing exhibits, absolutely worth a walk-through just to see this former Post Office restored to its original glory.

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My favorite hot chicken joint, newest location just a couple of miles away on 8th Avenue.

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Among the best BBQ in town, awesome brisket (only available at lunch, while it lasts).

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The famous and always-packed Southern breakfast institution. At the entrance of the Natchez Trace Parkway, if you fancy a green drive or bike ride.

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A venerable bluegrass venue, and if you are lucky enough to be here on a Tuesday, The Doyle & Debbie Show is the best country-music comedy in the world. I have seen it ten times. A hilarious must-see.

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Top of the charts, Sean Brock's awesome restaurant is a must. Reserve early, or you might be able to sneak in early or late, or grab a seat at the downstairs bar.

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Always tops the charts of Best BBQ lists.



$$$$· 2600 8th Ave S·Mapa·Horas·Sitio web·

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Super-cool restaurant and lounge in converted movie theater. Sumptuously-done glam interior.

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One of the largest Metro parks in the country. Great mountainous hiking trails; acres and acres of wooded hills and meadows.

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Clouded leopards! Nashville has a really nice zoo.

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Recently updated very nice music venue, bar, restaurant and lounge. Great new menu. Bluegrass Brunch on Sundays.

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Excellent upscale creative fare in a contemporary space downtown.

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A must for 100-Layer Donuts, their version of Cronuts. Crazy good.

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A newer local brewery, very good beers.

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Celebrity chef Maneet Chauhan's modern Indian restaurant. Her new places are next door: Tansuo, upscale Chinese, and The Mockingbird, with diner fare.

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Good modern diner fare.

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One of our many fine local breweries. Go for a tour and tasting.

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Always ranked as one the best Indian restaurants in town. So good.

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Good Thai place, across the street from the loft.

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Excellent healthy lunches and delicious sweets.

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So much to love, except for the parking.

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Excellent fresh fast-casual Vietnamese joint.

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Is what it is.

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In Melrose, across from Sinema, Fenwick's and The Sutler.

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Neighbor-owned coffee shop with organic coffee and tea, featuring beers on tap from Black Abbey.

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Massively popular hiking trails around beautiful Radnor Lake, in the woods with tons of wildlife: deer, wild turkeys, even otters, if you're lucky.

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Kayak the Cumberland from Opryland to downtown.