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Lugares favoritos de los habitantes locales

1. The Turnip Truck
701 Woodland St
97recomendaciones locales
Meghan & Greg
Meghan & Greg: “Natural market. The Turnip Truck is Nashville's only full service, locally owned natural foods groce...” ·
2. Kroger
711 Gallatin Ave
93recomendaciones locales
Camille: “Our neighborhood grocer. Zig zag back to Old Hickory Blvd, go right, cross the interstate, go about ...” ·
3. The Turnip Truck
701 Woodland St
89recomendaciones locales
Connie: “Natural market - fresh daily soups - buffet including many vegetarian choices, natural foods, cosmet...” ·
4. The Turnip Truck Urban Fare
321 12th Ave S
58recomendaciones locales
Lorie: “Yummy! You will love this hippie food store! Fresh, organic, natural & tasty with great, fresh meats...” ·
5. Trader Joe's
3909 Hillsboro Pike
54recomendaciones locales
H.J.: “I mean, even just for the free coffee and samples...Trader Joe's 4EVA.” ·
6. Kroger
800 Monroe St
51recomendaciones locales
Ben & Karlye
Ben & Karlye: “Closest Grocery store to the house. If you need one that is open 24 hours, the best one is on Galla...” ·
7. Whole Foods Market
4021 Hillsboro Pike
45recomendaciones locales
H.J.: “Large Whole Foods location with salad bar, restaurant, cooking classes, and a separate Whole Body sh...” ·
8. Kroger
2615 Franklin Pike
42recomendaciones locales
Heather: “Everything you need as far as groceries, red box, pharmacy, salad bar, gas station. Also, they have...” ·
9. Kroger
3410 Gallatin Pike
66recomendaciones locales
David: “To get to Kroger go to right from the driveway, turn left on Hart Lane, turn right on Gallatin road ...” ·
10. The Produce Place
4000 Murphy Rd
33recomendaciones locales
Kate: “The Produce Place is a small natural-foods grocery within a block of our house. It's expensive but e...” ·
11. Publix Super Market at Hill Center at Belle Meade
4324 Harding Pike
27recomendaciones locales
Rachael: “This is the closest Publix to our house and where I typically buy my groceries.” ·
12. Kroger
5705 Charlotte Pike
14recomendaciones locales
Greg & Katie
Greg & Katie: “Great deals! Nice organic section.” ·
13. Rite Aid
700 Gallatin Ave
13recomendaciones locales
Becky: “Nearest Pharmacy. Open until 9 pm most days.” ·
14. Kroger
2201 21st Ave S
22recomendaciones locales
Karyn And Paulo
Karyn And Paulo: “Tennessee got wine in grocery stores as of July 1st of this year...ok, so they did already have food...” ·
15. Hot Yoga of East Nashville
807 Main St
12recomendaciones locales
Becky: “Excellent spot for drop-in yoga while you're in town.” ·
16. Publix Super Market at The Crossings
2324 Lebanon Pike
24recomendaciones locales
Andrea: “Publix's first store was located in Lakeland, Florida (my home town). They are know for their friend...” ·
17. H.G. Hill Urban Market
415 Church St
14recomendaciones locales
Wendy: “Small Grocery downtown grocery store. It is a few blocks away but a fun walk thru downtown. Parkin...” ·
18. Piggly Wiggly
2900 West End Ave
12recomendaciones locales
Debbie And Glenn
Debbie And Glenn: “Yes, this is the Piggly Wiggly grocery. Threk has been working there for years...stop in and say hel...” ·
19. Whole Foods Market
1566 W McEwen Dr
13recomendaciones locales
Robin: “I'm within walking distance to Whole Foods which is convenient for dinner from their food bar or a b...” ·
20. Main Street Liquor Store
944 Main St
13recomendaciones locales
Will: “If you want good prices on spirits and know what you want, Main Street Liquors is a great place to p...”
21. ALDI
615 Gallatin Ave
17recomendaciones locales
John And Mike
John And Mike: “Cheap food staples. Open until 8pm Mon - Sat. They close earlier on Sunday.” ·
22. Ellington Agricultural Center
440 Hogan Rd
14recomendaciones locales
Adan: “Walking/jogging trails, hikes and agriculture museum!” ·
23. Publix Super Market at Nippers Corner
15544 Old Hickory Blvd
13recomendaciones locales
Melody: “Moderately priced groceries a short drive from the house.” ·
24. Kroger
143 McGavock Pk
18recomendaciones locales
Holly: “Standard grocery store. They do have a sushi stand that is pretty good!” ·
25. Frugal MacDoogal
701 Division St
12recomendaciones locales
Keny And Sarah
Keny And Sarah: “This is the closest liquor store that has it's own parking. The others downtown do not have private ...” ·
26. Bill Martin Foods
1105 Fatherland St
12recomendaciones locales
Becky: “Small non-chain neighborhood grocery store. Old school East Nashville.” ·
27. Climb Nashville West
3600 Charlotte Ave
12recomendaciones locales
Will: “Climb Nashville is a huge climbing gym with something for everyone. Plenty of walls for top roping,...” ·
28. Tennessee State Capitol
600 Charlotte Ave
18recomendaciones locales
Khira: “Ever seen the Rocky movie where he's running thru the city and he gets to the steps and runs to the ...” ·
29. Kroger
5319 Mt View Rd
2recomendaciones locales
30. United States Postal Service
1109 Woodland St
5recomendaciones locales
Peter: “How close can you be to the Post office?”